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Our site in Venice, FL is located in the Plantation Golf and Country Club. Although the facility is private, our academy is open to the public and we have probably the best setup out of all academies at this location. This location has 2 indoor hitting bays that hit into a private driving range, a short game is directly next to the academy, and we have the option of hitting off of mats, or turf. We also have access to the latest FLightscope data metric machine and the latest training aids on the market.

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Choose from over 40 classes a week for adults, juniors, and families. We are open year round, and offer our calendar access to members to sign up through our phone application, which you will get access to.

The golf course is stunning and we will have access to it for our development tournament junior program, and our private lessons. We are a family program and are a gateway to memberships at the club. It is a perfect place to spend your time as a family, and enjoy the luxury of the private setting while at the academy. Parking is plenty and this facility is located inside of a private complex. We have partnered with Callaway golf and they provide us with golf equipment (clubs) to help our students. We provide the golf equipment free of charge if they need it, and we will guide them to purchase the correct equipment when the time comes.

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