Balboa Park

2600 Golf Course Dr., San Diego, CA.
(855) 540-5466

Our site in Balboa Park is located at the Balboa Park Golf Course. We are located on the driving range and utilize both putting greens and short game areas. We are fortunate to have access to 27 holes of golf. We mainly use the shorter 9 holes for our junior development program and it’s more suitable for our children. The golf course is one of the oldest in the state and because of its shorter distance, it relies more on shot execution and course management. As a result, we can use this to our advantage and focus on our development golf course classes in course management. We also use a bigger putting green across from our academy site which can host large parties, our short game development class, and multiple adult curriculum including corporate outings.

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Choose our classes for adults, juniors, and families. We are open year round, and offer our calendar access to members to sign up through our phone application, which you will get access to.