Adult 1 on 1 Programs


Our Adult Development program is for current golfers, or previous graduates of our Welcome2Golf program. In this program, we follow a 12 week curriculum which goes through the entire breakdown of the components of the game. Classes last 1 hour, and the student ratio is maxed out at 4-1. We have our three levels to work through and each level lasts roughly 1 month. Once you have registered online for this program, please enroll into the Adult Development Level 1 program. At the end of each level, your PGA coach will let you know if you can proceed to the next level. It is also recommended to join the Practice with the Pro membership to make the journey’s success greater. If you wish to come as a group, we can create a custom private class for you, so please ask us!


For the golfer who is already established, OR wishes to have some tailored programs, we require you to go through our 90 minute evaluation program. During the 90 minute evaluation, the PGA professional will discuss your goals, test your range of motion using our TPI certification process, watch your ball flight tendencies, discuss your lesson and golf history, previous injuries, availability, and with the results come up with a customized plan to help you reach your goals. We also use a Flightscope radar-based launch monitor for all of our private lesson programs. The tailored plan really depends on your current state, and where you wish to go in this game and could range from a 1 month program, to a 1 year program. At the end of the evaluation the PGA professional will use the last 20-30 minutes to start the lesson process and get you moving into the selected plan. Our PGA professionals will be focused on your journey from the get go, will guide you and provide essential feedback, and as a result see a process see a much higher success rate when forming a game plan for your golfing future. The cost of the 90 minute evaluation is $225.

Scheduling will be done once you purchase the evaluation. We will reach out to you, introduce the PGA professional that will be working with you, and from there the two of you will arrange the evaluation time that works for both schedules. We offer these evaluations most days of the week, so there is a lot of flexibility.

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