Classes & Workshops

Come be a part of our Growing Community

Brand new golfers to seasoned veterans of any age over 5 are welcome

Lion Cub Development Program (0-4 Year old)

Our “Cub” program is open to all juniors who are under 5 years old. Currently we are offering this at our Mission Bay and Balboa Park locations in San Diego. In this class the coaching staff will work with developing your child’s skillset and introduction to golf that provides a suitable environment backed by our PGA and American Development Method curriculum. These classes are 30 minutes in length and are memberships are available by “Tier’s” starting as low as $59 every 30 days. The groups ratio will be set at a strict 4 students for every coach and the parents are welcome and encouraged to be involved with the coach in the class. Students will also have access to our players skills application.

Junior Development Program

Junior Development Class (5-15 Years Old)

Our Junior Development membership is held at both our practice area (driving range, short game area, putting greens) and the golf course. We go over our 350 skill, 12 level program. This membership will allow you to RSVP in our classes a set amount of times (depending on membership) in our 4-1 ratio group classes, AND you will be able to RSVP in our (90) minute on course class a set amount of time (depending on membership) every 30 days. Students in this program will also have access to our players skills application which keeps track of their progress. This is a great program for any ability golfer of years of age and older, and we focus on proper fundamental work, cause and effect, short game, putting, and proper practice routines, and we also provide equipment if needed.

Weekly Junior Golf Tournaments

At our Los Angeles and San Diego facilities we host weekly junior tournaments. This membership will allow the student access to our tournaments each week of the year. It is a good membership to add onto our weekly development classes, as we focus on students who wish to take their skillset development to a real time in house Junior Golf League. It is a great stepping stone as a development tour for bigger events through the AJGA and SCPGA Junior golf events. Our past students attribute this program to their success in their preparation for the junior tour circuit, with some crediting it as a major stepping stone to gain college scholarships through golf.

Ladies Beginner / Family Fun Night League Play

Our “Ladies Beginner League” play events at our Mission Bay’s San Diego location is on Sunday afternoons. This program extends a warm welcome to women of all skill levels, including beginners, to join us and enjoy the golf course alongside like-minded ladies from the community. Each League play session covers the green fee, a 30-minute warm-up clinic, and participation in the 9-hole ladies league on the golf course. Our “Family Fun Night” at Balboa Park Golf Course invites families to register their team, pick a team name for the season, earn points in the league, and collect prizes at the end of the season. Throughout both leagues, our coaching team will provide guidance and support, leading the clinic as a group and accompanying each group for 2-3 holes during the league play. This program offers a fantastic opportunity for those interested in golf to participate without concerns about pairing arrangements.

Adult Development (16 – 100 Years Old)

Our adult Development Membership is for all abilities of golfers, or previous graduates of our Welcome2Golf program. This membership is held in our practice area (driving range, short game area, putting greens), and the golf course, and we go over our 350 skill, 12 level program. This membership will allow you to RSVP in our classes a set amount of times (depending on membership) in our 4-1 ratio group classes, AND you will be able to RSVP in our (90) minute on course class a set amount of time (depending on membership) every 30 days. Students in this program will also have access to our players skills application which keeps track of their progress. In these classes we focus on developing correct fundamentals, learning ball flight laws, practice routines, chipping, putting, and more. This is a great program for those that do not need or like private 1 on 1 class, and can be around other students, or friends, and belong to a fun learning community around golf.

Junior/Adult Private Lessons Program

Our private lesson program is open to anyone, however our current members of our development academy who have reached level Green 1 within the Players Skills Application have priority of the spots in the schedule. This program is open to both adults and juniors, and can be a great addition to our established development program for those wishing to have a more focused goal, or for those wishing to have a personal coach for one on one time. For our non members please contact [email protected] and let us know wish location you wish to take part in, and we will let you know if there are any spaces in our locations schedule.

Seasonal Camps (5-15 Years Old)

During the year we host multiple seasonal camps with priority early access to current memberships. Our seasonal camps are open to non members, (after the early access sign up for our current membership) start at the age of 5 and we accept all abilities. We provide equipment, and our ratio falls between 6-1, and 8-1, depending on the type of seasonal camp. Our seasonal camps are listed below for all sites:

  • Winter Camps
    • Holiday (December)
    • New Years (January)
  • Spring Break Camps
    • Spring Break (April-May)
  • Summer Camps:
    • 3 Months worth of Summer camps totaling 10-12 camp weeks per year (June-August)
  • Fall Camps:
    • Thanksgiving (November)
Junior Tournament Development Program

Junior/Adult On Course Program

Our junior and adult on course class are held in a low ratio 4-1 setting and the student can RSVP into these classes as it is also included in your membership as every membership comes with this class on top of your allotted group classes. It is open to all levels of golfers and anyone in our membership program. This class lasts 90 minutes per session, and we focus on golf playing skill development. We go over basic etiquette, basic rules, and start from shorter holes and learn how to navigate them as a group. This class is designed to make the transition from the range to course as seamless as possible, while learning how to apply what we are instructing on the range, into a golf course setting.

Give Back Program

We named our corporation “Game Of Life First, INC” because we believe that is what GOLF stands for. We want to take our growth of the game to the next level. We do the following 2 things with 20% of our profits:

We pledge to our sister site in South Africa and have partnered with Heal The Hood foundation. All of the donated funds go towards equipment, tee times, lessons, field trips, and anything we can do to create a better golfing community in the Cape Flats region.

Online Golf Lessons

A PGA Master Professional, recognized four times in the Top 100 in the U.S., is offering online golf instruction. Whether you prefer individual lessons or ongoing monthly programs tailored to your long-term goals, Coach Tony is ready to leverage his extensive experience from providing private lessons since 1996, with over 30,000 lessons taught. Upon completing the sign-up process, you’ll receive an email containing a link to download the online lesson phone application, allowing you to begin your golf journey immediately.  

Players Skills App (Free with Active Memberships)

The Lion Golf Academy is one of the few golf academies in the country with a players skills application that focuses on the development process of the student. We utilize 350 skills within a 12 level system for both adult and juniors. Features such as our ranking leaderboard for both the individual location, and regional rankings, allow us to invite the top performing students of each location to compete with each other. This application can support a student that is brand new to the game, and take them to a D1 level golfer if needed.  ADM skills are also provided in the application with its own leaderboard, along with parent information for their child’s physical, social, cognitive and mental development for their age group. This private application is only available for current active members, and is a great additional resource to ensure the growth of your child’s development by creating better practice habits with a purpose.