Classes & Workshops


Beginner to Advanced

With the next generation of children expected to live shorter lifespans than their parents, we decided to create a program that uses our personalized curriculum, the American Development Model and hired the best PGA professionals we could find to coach our students. We believe in creating a situation where a student will become an athlete for life, and live well beyond that grim expectation. Our system has proven results from the many years and thousands of students we have helped. We use the same system for our adult members, and now through our program, can reach the individual goals using different sports modalities to help strengthen and carve a new you. We work with your family members’ personal goals and utilize our multiple programs to accomplish them. We utilize physical development programs for cases that require it. Our locations have the ability to utilize data metric machines to help recognize leaks in the mechanics of your motion causing dispersion issues. We help our students stay involved and interested in the game by creating a fun, exciting, environment.

Junior Development Program

Junior On Course Class

Our group classes are at a ratio of 4 students per professional using a combination of our own 6 -12-year curriculum and the American Development Model, or ADM for short. The ADM is a highly successful development model used for most major sports in the United States. Our custom curriculum has been proven to apply long term athletic development principles through knowledge, short game, and long game development.

Junior Tournament Development Program

Junior On Course Development

Our junior development on course class is available for our junior members who are currently in our development classes as an optional class to take. It is open to all belt levels and ages 5 and over. This class lasts 90 minutes per session in a 4-1 ratio setting. We take the children on the golf course to go over the curriculum they learn in their development class levels. Each session the professional staff will choose a topic based on the students that attend.

Adult Golf Program group picture

Welcome2Golf Adults

Welcome 2 Golf Adults” to: “This program is only offered at our Mission Bay location in San Diego. Tony Brooks, the owner and Regional Director of Instruction, hosts this class. This program is for the new golfer, or someone who wishes to try for the first time. Welcome2Golf is a 4 week program, with each class lasting 1.5 hours. This is a FUN and WELCOMING experience where we provide equipment, tour the facility, introduce you to the golf course staff, and GUARANTEE that you will not only hit the ball, but have fun doing it as well. We also offer continuing programs for those that graduate from this class in our recurring adult classes.

Once you sign up for the Welcome2Golf class, coach Tony will reach out to you to help arrange the starting class date and time. Since this program is structured with curriculum each week, we have to make sure you start in the correct sequence of classes. 

Junior Drop-In Classes

Not sure if your child would like the development class? Not sure if your child like golf and don’t wish to commit to a membership yet? Do you wish to try a class? You may purchase a drop in membership which allows you to drop into any one of our junior development classes, or junior development tour classes. Once this $50 membership is purchased, you have up to 1 month to use the drop in credit to try any class. You will be emailed a link with a temporary password to our Zen phone app, and on there you may then enroll in any class you choose that has availability. Once you experience the class feel, you will then have the option of enrolling into the program of your choice. This option was designed for those unsure if their child will enjoy the program, or for those who just want to try us out with no other commitments. This option is also available to any of our members who wish to add 1 or a few more extra classes per month outside of their allotted membership amount. This lets the student catch up if needed, or just get out of the house!

Junior/Adult Private Lessons Program

Our owner, and Regional Director of Instruction, Tony Brooks, conducts all private lesson programs at Mission Bay G.C. (For the San Deigo region) and Mountain Meadows G.C. (for the Los Angeles region). For the golfer who is already established, OR wishes to have some tailored programs, we require you to go through our 90 minute evaluation program with Tony Brooks. During the 90 minute evaluation, Tony will discuss your goals, test your range of motion using the TPI evaluation process, watch your ball flight tendencies, discuss your lesson and golf history, previous injuries, availability, and with the results, will come up with a customized plan to help you reach your goals. Tony uses a Flightscope radar-based launch monitor for all of his private lesson programs.

Seasonal Camps

During the year we host multiple seasonal camps with priority early access to current memberships. Our seasonal camps are open to non members, (after the early access sign up for our current membership) start at the age of 5 and we accept all abilities. We provide equipment, and our ratio falls between 6-1, and 8-1, depending on the type of seasonal camp. Our seasonal camps are listed below for all sites:

  • Winter Camps
    • Holiday (December)
    • New Years (January)
  • Spring Break Camps
    • Spring Break (April-May)
  • Summer Camps:
    • 3 Months worth of Summer camps totaling 10-12 camp weeks per year (June-August)
  • Fall Camps:
    • Thanksgiving (November)

Adult Development

Our Adult Development program is for all abilities of golfers, or previous graduates of our Welcome2Golf program. This is an auto recurring plan that renews every 30 days on an open enrollment (enroll anytime of the year). The program offers multiple classes per week to choose from and is kept at a maximum 4-1 ratio. Membership plans range from 4 times every 30 days, to unlimited times. In these classes we will deal with establishing correct fundamentals, learning cause and effect, ball flights laws, practice routines, chipping, putting, and more. This is a great membership for those that do not need the private 1 on 1 class, and can be around other students, or friends, and belong to a fun learning community around golf.

Give Back Program

We named our corporation “Game Of Life First, INC” because we believe that is what GOLF stands for. We want to take our growth of the game to the next level. We do the following 2 things with 20% of our profits:

We pledge to our sister site in South Africa and have partnered with Heal The Hood foundation. All of the donated funds go towards equipment, tee times, lessons, field trips, and anything we can do to create a better golfing community in the Cape Flats region.