Mission Bay

Our Mission Bay site is located at the Mission Bay Golf Course. We have access to the lighted golf course and lighted driving range in our own private setting within the driving range. As a result, we have the ability to stay open much longer and provide the flexibility to meet your scheduling demands. Our site is nestled next to the short game area and plays host to our junior development program as we emphasize the fundamentals of the short game. Our golf course access is perfect for those that wish to have on-course instruction, rules clinics, and join our ongoing tournament program.

New Member Enrollment

Class Schedule

Choose from over 40 classes a week for adults, juniors, and families. We are open year round, and offer our calendar access to members to sign up through our phone application, which you will get access to.

We can host a variety of class sizes and are the perfect option for corporate events as we can host upwards of 75 students at once. A benefit of being so close to the ocean at this facility is the weather rarely gets about 80 degrees providing a perfect environment. We also have data metrics available for select clients who need that type of feedback and work with physical development programs helping our students become a better form of themselves. There is plenty of parking space at the golf course as the site has over 60 range stalls and multiple hitting stations on the grass and artificial turf. We have partnered with Callaway golf and they provide us with golf equipment (clubs) to help our students. We provide the golf equipment free of charge if they need it, and we will guide them to purchase the correct equipment when the time comes.