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We are a monthly membership academy that auto renews (like a gym membership) each month. Select a location below to view its pricing options.

Junior or Adult NO RISK Drop in class – To try out academy before committing (fee can be applied towards a membership if continuing):

1 Class (up to 4-1 ratio) = $75


Junior or Adult Development Program Memberships

Single Membership (1 membership totaling up to 2 (1 hour) group classes, member ALSO receive (1) additional 90 minute on course class (green fee not included)= $139 for children 5 and over, $!59 for adults per 30 day cycle

Single Membership (1 membership totaling up to 4 (1 hour) group classes, member ALSO receive (1) additional 90 minute on course class (green fee not included)= $199 for children 5 and over, $229 for adults per 30 day cycle

Sibling Memberships (2 memberships totaling up to 8 (1 hour) group classes, member ALSO receive (2) additional 90 minute on course classes (green fee not included) = $350 for children 5 and over, $399 for adults per 30 day cycle 


Junior or Adult Golf Course Class punch card– 90 minute class (GREEN BELT 1 OR HIGHER FOR JUNIORS AND ADULTS):

(Up to 4-1 ratio) 1 class = $75 (class punch card has 6 month expiration date)

(Up to 4-1 ratio) 5 classes = $350 (class punch card has 6 month expiration date)

(Up to 4-1 ratio) 10 classes = $650 (class punch card has 6 month expiration date)

(Los Angeles sites are held at Mountain Meadows, and our San Diego sites are held at Mission Bay Golf Course)


Adult or Junior Private Classes

Please see locations enrollment page for site pricing



Welcome2Golf Beginner program with Tony Brooks, PGA Master Professional:

(4) 1.5 hour classes in a (30) day membership window. (4-1) ratio

$299 (Available at our Mission Bay location only)



Families share an account where the entire family can use for both adult or junior development classes.

Family Discounted Memberships: (Junior or/and Adult development 4-1 ratio classes)

Up to (12) 1 hour group session/month – (up to4-1 ratio)  

$499 per 30 day cycle


Up to (16) 1 hour group session/month – (up to4-1 ratio)

$599 per 30 day cycle 


Up to (20) 1 hour group session/month – (up to 4-1 ratio)  

$699 per 30 day cycle 



A 1 time new student enrollment fee ($49) is required for our junior and adult development programs which will be on the first months payment.

Classes that are unused within the 30 day membership term are not credited nor do they roll over to the next billing cycle.

All memberships get access to their memberships to RSVP into group classes through the phone application. Unused classes within the membership term date do not roll over, nor are credited to your account.

All membership get access to our “Players Skills Phone Application” which includes 12 levels, and 350 skills which is tracked by the student during practice in between lessons. Site leaderboards, and regional leaderboards are based on the practice of our students who earn XP points by completing skills, and the top performers of each location will receive invites to represent their location in our tournaments. ADM tracking is also in this phone application and will be used in combination of the skills leaderboard to determine student of the month, season, and year.

All development Memberships have a max capacity of 4 students per class for our 4-1 ratio, and 2 students max for our 2-1 ratio memberships.

A 1 time new family enrollment fee (family lessons) of $99 per member is due upon first payment of the program

Your Burning Questions Answered

We start your child into our program as young as 5. We do allow some younger than this into the class, however in order to do this, you would have to schedule a free assessment with one of our PGA instructors and they will determine if your child is ready or not.

Yes we do! We are in fact designed to take new players and this is what we specialize in. Our programs make it a seamless transition from interested, to participating.

We do automatic renewals as part of our academy membership to ensure that the student maintains their goals. We don’t however have any sort of contract and your membership is month to month.

At this time we don’t offer free trials, however we do offer a drop in class so your child can try it to see if they enjoy it. If you decide to purchase a membership we will waive the new student fee. If you wish to schedule a tour of our locations and speak with one of our coaches, please reach us at 855.540.5466 or email us at [email protected].

Each site is open Wednesdays – Sundays and hosts multiple times for our adult and junior programming. We typically have an average of 40 classes per week per site available for all ages and abilities.

We are one of the few development academies with a proven curriculum that is supported by our “Players Skills Phone Application”. This unique application applies over 350 skills across 12 levels to systematically enforce proper technique in practice, while the hands on approach in classes reinforces any needed changes. The application supports a pathway from total beginner to D1 NCAA players. Within the application is our site and regional leaderboard where we hand select the top performers of each location to compete against each other, and also be invited to our Regional tournaments. We utilize the American Development Model, through our 6-12 year curriculum written by our owner, PGA Master Professional, and 3 time top 50, and 100 in U.S. growth of the game recipient. We are confident that our approach works, and have started thousands of families into this game. We are the only full-time development academy in America with multiple sites around the country, which donate 20% of our profits back to the low-income communities golf program we host. We also employ PGA members and associates only. The PGA is the oldest association in golf which has over 100 years of leadership in the game. No other association comes close to what we bring to you as a student. 

Absolutely. We offer a family membership where the entire family can share one membership and enroll into both the adult and junior curriculum development group classes.

Besides our monthly membership rates, we have a one time nominal new student fee at the time of enrollment.

Yes we do. The siblings can share one membership of the (8) times per month, which offers the same as two (4) time memberships. The fee works out to be cheaper this way.

Yes we do, you can fill out your referral on our website and once that referral signs up, both you and the referral receive $50 credit to use on your next billing, or towards a membership.

Our group development classes for both adult and juniors are offered at 4-1, or 2-1.

No you do not. We have partnered with Callaway golf and have many clubs for both juniors and adults to use while they are at the academy. Once your coach knows you are ready to purchase, we will help you select the best, cost effective equipment for your needs.