Adult/Junior Private Lessons with Tony Brooks, PGA Master Professional


Our owner, and Regional Director of Instruction, Tony Brooks, conducts all private lesson programs at Mission Bay G.C. (For the San Deigo region) and Mountain Meadows G.C. (for the Los Angeles region). For the golfer who is already established, OR wishes to have some tailored programs, we require you to go through our 90 minute evaluation program with Tony Brooks. During the 90 minute evaluation, Tony will discuss your goals, test your range of motion using the TPI evaluation process, watch your ball flight tendencies, discuss your lesson and golf history, previous injuries, availability, and with the results, will come up with a customized plan to help you reach your goals. Tony uses a Flightscope radar-based launch monitor for all of his private lesson programs.

The tailored plan really depends on your current state, and where you wish to go in this game, and could range from a 1 month program, to a 1 year program. At the end of the evaluation, Tony will use the last 20-30 minutes to start the lesson process and get you moving into the selected plan. Tony will be focused on your journey from the get go, and will guide you and provide essential feedback throughout the process. As a result he typically see’s a much higher success rate when forming a game plan for your golfing future. The cost of the 90 minute evaluation is located here .

Scheduling will be done once you purchase the evaluation. Tony will reach out to you, and from there the two of you will arrange the evaluation time that works for both schedules.


Our practice with the pro sessions are open to both our members and non members to join. We welcome students of all ages and abilities, and have our Flightscope launch monitor on hand during the practice sessions. In these sessions we help you in your direction of practice. We teach you how to practice correctly depending on what you are working on in your current classes, private sessions, or group classes. This program is best suited as an addition to a current membership, as the odds for success increase dramatically when paired together. Correct practice is the key to any improvement. With our PGA teaching staff keeping an eye on you during these sessions, this will enforce any corrective motion you are working on, and also help to keep your time on the practice tee efficient and effective. Most people spend hours of unsupervised practice a week, only to improve very little, or not at all. Come give this a try and allow us to help you get to your goals faster. We offer this type of membership as a drop in one time class, or a complete membership allowing you to come up to (4) times per month. Multiple classes are held every week.