Players Skills Phone Application

Industry Leading Application

The Lion Golf Academy is one of the few golf academies in the country with a players skills application that focuses on the development process of the student. We utilize 350 skills within a 12 level system for both adult and juniors. Within the application there is also our 120 page “LGA Student Handbook” for our junior members curriculum they use during class. This allows a student a proven pathway for success by utilizing the skills portion along with our golf course instruction in class. This application can support a student that is brand new to the game, and take them to a D1 level golfer. Leaderboards within each site allow the student to see how they rank amongst their peers, and also allow the instructors to follow up with the student and their families ensuring the development process away from class is being met.

We also use the leaderboard for rankings of our students and invite the top performers to compete in tournaments between each of our sites locations, representing their team in a friendly, competitive environment. Once a year we will invite the top competitors in our yearly regional tournament, involving all locations competing against each other. Keep in mind the leaderboard doesn’t necessarily promote the best player, but the best overall student, as the more they practice, the more skill points they earn.

We also use the ADM module which is sanctioned by US Golf, US Junior Olympics, and the PGA of America. There is a separate leaderboard in the app promoting active sports and engaging an athletic lifestyle outdoors. Students (and families) are encouraged to get outdoors as a team and play. The more you play, the higher you rank on the ADM leaderboard. We also provide the parents with multiple resources within the application for their child’s age group which include steps to take to assist us in helping the child develop as an athlete, which includes cognitive, emotional, psychological and physical development. We use both the ADM and Skill Points leaderboard progress to issue student of the month and student of the year for both adults and children.

This phone application is a private application and is not available on the IOS or Android store. A link will be sent out to any new member to install this on their phone so they can start right away. This application is only available for active members of our academy, and is meant to support the coaching staff and the student while in the academy.

Our academy that has a proven curriculum, supported by a skills application to keep the student on path in between lessons, while promoting athletic development, providing a supportive, safe, and fun place to develop life and physical skills. We do more than teach golf to students, we teach students of life the game of golf.

If you have any questions on the capabilities of our phone application please contact us.